Surfzone Breaker Types, Subaqueous Bar Topographies, and Sandy Beach Transformation on the Nigerian Coast

Hydrological Changes in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina

Fluidization: Channel Maintenance & Sand Bypassing

Sediment Transport Processes at Sandbridge, VA
Sandbridge Beach is a primarily residential community located along a 7 km reach of narrow barrier beach. Rates of erosion in this area historically have been high, reaching as much as...

A Case Study of Ebb Tidal Delta Equilibrium: Ocean City, Maryland
The inlet at Ocean City, Maryland was created by hurricane surge breaching of Fenwick Island Spit in 1933. Inlet stabilization was completed in 1934-1935. The inlet jetties have been held...

Modelling of Sand Bars in Coastal Environments
A mathematical model describes the formation of sand bars by progressive wind-generated waves. The model decomposes into several constituents linked together in a two step morphological...

Low-Waterway and Bank Erosion in a River With Alternating Bars Bed
In a river with alternating bars bed, the banks are often subjected to erosion due to the convergent flow resulted from the bed geometry, even in a straight channel. It is known empirically...

Simulation of the Stanislaus Project: Performance of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Instream Temperature Model on a Complex System
The primary objective of the study was to characterize the temperature regime of the MFSR Middle Fork Stanislaus River and determine the effect of alternate release flows on stream temperature...

Towards a Better Simulation of Sea States for Modelling of Coastal Structures
In the last fifteen years, techniques of wave generation have advanced to such an extent that it is now possible to exercise controls of parameters such as wave grouping, wave asymmetries,...

Longshore Bar Formation—Surf Beat or Undertow?

Development of an Automated Harbor Shoaling Monitor: Part I—Laboratory Testing

Wave-Induced Geomorphic Response of Eroding Beaches—With Special Reference to Seaward Migrating Bars

Storm-Induced Morphology Changes During DUCK85

Remote Sensing of Nearshore Bar Systems—Making Morphology Visible

Contribution of Side Slope Adjustment to Entrance Channel Shoaling

Inlet Shoal Attachment and Erosion at Isle of Palms, South Carolina: A Replay

Advance Maintenance Dredging Study, C&D Canal and Approaches

Evolution of Sediment Budgets in the Lee of a Detached Breakwater

Initial Response of a Segmented Breakwater System, Holly Beach, Louisiana

Inlet Ebb Shoals Related to Coastal Parameters





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