The Sand Bar Hydroelectric Project: A Case History
The Sand Bar project's major features include a reinforced concrete intake structure; 3. 5 miles of twelve foot diameter hard rock tunnel; a reinforced concrete powerhouse...

Analytical and Empirical Methods for Predicting Channel Shoaling
Many techniques have been used in the past to predict the effects of channel enlargement on channel shoaling. These range from rule-of-thumb predictions to elaborate physical model investigations....

Managing Shoreline Changes in the Presence of Nearshore Shoal Migration and Attachment
The purpose of this paper is to describe these events in detail and illustrate the need for better understanding of erosion/deposition patterns around tidal inlets. Periodic beach surveys...

Wave Beach Interaction
This paper gives a derivation of the modification factors of wave amplitudes due to the effect of pure shoaling, friction, percolation and their combined effect. The resulting expressions...

Prediction of Fine Sedimentation in Small Marinas
Shoaling due to fine, cohesive sediment deposition in small marina-type basins is governed by basin geometry, hydrodynamic factors and sediment load in outside waters. An easily programmable...

Prediction of Shoaling in Estuarial Channels: A Microcomputer Application
Shoaling rates at three predominant areas of sedimentation in the Hooghly River estuary, India, have been predicted using a sediment transport model run on an IBM compatible microcomputer....

Planform Properties of Meandering Rivers

Bed Topography and Stabilities in Sinuous Channels

Effects of Bends and Alternate Bars on Meander Evolution

Alternate Bars in and Meandering of Alluvial Rivers

Phase Shifts of Pools and Their Depths in Meander Beds

Mississippi River Fairview Crossing Test
To improve estimates of shoaling rates in the crossings of a deep draft channel from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, a prototype test was conducted in Fairview Crossing at Mile 116 above Head...

Movable-Bed Model Investigation of Littoral Drift on the Intake and Outlet of Lin-Kou Power Plant (I)
The establishment and operation of a distorted movable-bed model of the cooling water intake and outlet is described. The model employed is a three-dimensional movable-bed Froude model...

Non-Linear Plane Wave Propagation in Shoaling Shallow Water

Flow and Bed Topography in Channels with Alternate Bars

An Efficient Numerical Algorithm for Wave Refraction/Shoaling Problems

Geology of the Hawaiian Islands

Wave Decay Characteristics in Slowly Varying Depth

Refraction of Directional Spectra

A Predictive Model of Hurricane Wind-Waves





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