Fluidization: Channel Maintenance & Sand Bypassing

Towards a Better Simulation of Sea States for Modelling of Coastal Structures
In the last fifteen years, techniques of wave generation have advanced to such an extent that it is now possible to exercise controls of parameters such as wave grouping, wave asymmetries,...

Longshore Bar Formation—Surf Beat or Undertow?

Development of an Automated Harbor Shoaling Monitor: Part I—Laboratory Testing

Storm-Induced Morphology Changes During DUCK85

Remote Sensing of Nearshore Bar Systems—Making Morphology Visible

Contribution of Side Slope Adjustment to Entrance Channel Shoaling

Evolution of Sediment Budgets in the Lee of a Detached Breakwater

Initial Response of a Segmented Breakwater System, Holly Beach, Louisiana

Inlet Ebb Shoals Related to Coastal Parameters

Sanctuaries for Lake Trout in the Great Lakes
Three lake trout sanctuaries have been established in Lake Michigan: the Fox Island Sanctuary of 121,500 ha, in the Chippewa-Ottawa Treaty fishing zone in the northern region of the lake;...

Numerical Modeling of the Coastal Current Regime at Yaquina Bay, Oregon
The application of a family of hydrodynamic numerical models for simulating tidal and wave-induced currents at Yaquina Bay, Oregon, is described. An overview of four numerical models is...

Numerical Model of Finite-Amplitude Wave Refraction

Modelling of Longshore Currents With a Non Linear Wave Theory

Integral Model of the Nearshore Zone

Longshore Bars and Mass Transport Induced by Long Waves

Shoal Creek Flood Control Plan Austin, Texas
Following the devastating 1981 Memorial Day flood, a comprehensive and innovative flood control plan was developed and implemented for Austin's Shoal Creek Watershed. The...

Wave Characteristics in the Surf Zone

A Shoaling-Refraction Model Using a Non-linear Velocity Potential Wave Theory

Predictions of Shoaling Rates for a New Harbor in Puget Sound, Washington
Physical and numerical modeling methods were used to predict shoaling rates in the proposed Naval Station Puget Sound, Washington. A simple analytical model (SILTHAR), based on the premise...





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