Local Scour Near Multiple Pile Piers in Steady Currents

Local Scour Near Single Piles in Steady Currents

Effects of Exposed Pile Foundations on Local Pier Scour

Investigation of 3-D Nonlinear Seismic Performance of Pile-Supported Structures

Pile Foundation Stiffness as a Function of Free-Field or Near-Field Soil Strain

Modeling of Soil-Pile-Superstructure Interaction for Bridge Foundations

Introduction to Micropiles: An International Perspective

Instrumentation and Measurements of a Type-A Insert Wall

Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction Behavior in Submerged Sands

The Design and Construction of the San Francisco Southwest Ocean Outfall

A Primer on Micropiles
A major study of micropile technology has recently been funded by the Federal Highway Authority and completed by the authors. The subject is defined as a drilled and grouted, cast-in-place,...

Foundation Upgrading and Repair for Infrastructure Improvement
This proceedings, Foundation Upgrading and Repair for Infrastructure Improvement consists of papers presented at the poster session held in...

Computer Methods for Settlement Analyses of Piles

Renovation of the Quay Wall on the Right Bank of the Entrance to the Great Dock in the Port of Ghent - Belgium

Some Aspects of Determination of Pile Capacity by the Wave Equation
This paper presents some new observations made during correlation study of pile capacity computed by wave equation analysis with failure load from static test. In order to determine proper...

Timber Pile Length Determination Using a Nondestructive Technique
Determining timber pile length is critical when evaluating the potential effects of scour and for determining pile capacity. Unfortunately, records of timber pile lengths are typically...

Hydraulic Properties of Surface Runoff on Ash-Mixed Concrete Pavement
The disposal of incinerated sludge ash from wastewater treatment plants is becoming an increasingly difficult problem in highly populated cities. The feasibility of reusing sludge ash...

A program for the Analysis of Pile Load Tests
The load capacity of piles are routinely determined from full scale pile load tests under actual field conditions. Several empirical methods were proposed for the analysis of field load/settlement...

Methods to Reduce the Settlement of Embankments on Soft Clay: A Review
New trends have been observed during the past ten years in the practice of settlement control for embankments on soft clays: they include increased use of rigid (piles) or semi-rigid (stone...

Deformations in Sand Layer During Pile Driving
This paper presents measurements of settlement and lateral soil movements in a medium dense to dense sand layer due to densification during driving of precast concrete piles. At one end...





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