High Performance Steel: Material Development

Estimating Flexural Strength for Concrete Pavements

Effect of Compaction Method on Performance Predictions

Forging Ahead
More than a dozen bridges in the United States have been built using HPS 70W grade steel, which has a yield strength of 485 MPa (70 ksi) but superior toughness compared to conventional...

Making the Connection
This article details the results of a pilot research project on the use of polymer composites and high-strength adhesives for the structural repair of damaged steel frame connections....

Stress in Buried Pipes from Shear Distortions

Characteristics of Urethane-Grouted Sand for In Situ Seepage Control

Short Aggregate Piers Reinforce Soils Near Tunnels

High Strength Concrete
This proceedings, High Strength Concrete, consists of papers presented at the first Engineering Foundation Conference on High Strength Concrete,...

Bridge Strength

Effects of Soil Layering and Interfacial Tension on Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL) Migration in Subsurface Environments

Development of Empirical Fragility Curves for Bridges

Creep Behavior of Frozen and Unfrozen Soils: A Comparison

Effects of Low Temperature on Concrete Strength

Strengthening of Structures of a Mine in the North

Towering Over Xiamen (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
Composite structural systems are rapidly becoming the preferred choice for high-rise buildings, due to their high strength and stiffness, large ductility, and convenient, economical construction....

Field and Laboratory Measurements of Dynamic Shear Modulus of Piedmont Residual Soils

Tension Tests on Bored Piles in Residual Soil

Unit Cell Analysis of 3-D Graphitic Textile-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites

Strengthening Beam-Column Joints with Composites





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