Implications Derived from Recent Research in Mexico on Confined Masonry Structures

Ductile Masonry Construction in California

Seismic Resistance of Partially-Grouted Masonry Shear Walls

Design of Seismic Resistant Concrete Columns for Confinement

Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Buildings: Deformations & Deformation Compatibility

Analysis Requirements for Performance-Based Design of Beam-Column Joints

Hybrid Moment Resisting Precast Beam-Column Connections

Maximum Shear Strengths of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Shear Dispersion in the Benthic Boundary Layer

On Communicating Hydrologic Risk

Hydraulics of Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands
Resistance to flow through subsurface flow wetlands is described by Darcy's law or by Ergun's equation. Both representations are combined with the continuity...

SpatioTemporal Stochastic Open-Dhannel Flow
The de Saint Venant equations are solved as stochastic partial differential equations whose parameters (hydraulic resistance, bed slope, cross-section geometiy, inflow hydrograph, seepage,...

Manning's Roughness Coefficient for Coarse-Bed Channels With High In-Bank Flows

Drying of a Heated Porous Medium at Sub-Residual Saturations

Studies on the Erosion of a Compacted Soil
In the management of water there are certain applications in which compacted soil is used (i.e., dams, embankments, levees, spiliways, and channels). Engineers rely primarily on field...

Numerical Modeling of Water Flow over Porous Media
The momentum transport phenomena at the interface of porous media and fluid are numerically investigated. The single domain approach is used with matching boundary conditions; i.e., the...

Synchronized Measurements of Bed-Shear Stress and Flow Velocity in Open Channels with Simulated Vegetation
Synchronized measurements of shear stresses at the bed and velocities both within and above a simulated plant canopy in an open-channel flow are presented. Traditional (hot-film sensors)...

A New Technique for Measuring Vegetation Density
Detennination of the discharge capacity of a vegetated channel or floodplain requires a reasonable estimate of a flow resistance coefficient; such as Manning' n....

Contraction Scour at Bridges: Analytic Model for Coarse-Bed Channels
Contraction scour at bridges spanning coarse-bed channels is evaluated based on mass conservation of both water and transported sediment between a reference channel section near the crossing...

Mitigation Measures for Eroding Muddy Shores
A criterion for the stability of muddy coasts is proposed, accounting for bottom resistance, hydrodynarnic forcing and sediment supply. Although qualitative, this criterion provides a...





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