Comparison of ASD vs. LRFD for an Aluminum Clear Span Roof Structure

Innovations in Design of Light Frame Structures to Resist High Winds

Seismic Performance of High Strength Concrete Structural Components

Seismic Retrofit Analysis for the Portland Building, Portland, Oregon

An Overview of Japanese Research on Hybrid Wall System

Performance of Seismically Isolated Structures in the 1994 Northridge and 1995 Kobe Earthquakes

Structural Analysis for the Seismic Retrofit of The San Diego - Coronado Bay Bridge

Performance of Base-Isolated Structures in Recent Earthquakes and Future Directions - A Panel Discussion

Seismic and Dynamic Analysis and Design Considerations for High Level Nuclear Waste Repositories
This committee report was created to fulfill two primary objectives: 1) to provide guidance for assessing and defining the dynamic loads that must be considered in the design of a repository...

Resistance of High Alumina and Portland Cement to H2SO4

Building Tension in Buffalo
The National Hockey League's Buffalo Sabres have a new home, topped with an unusual tension-braced domed roof. An ingenious combination of dome designs, the Marine Midland...

A Model of a Granular Assembly as a Structured Material

3-D MRI Experiment of Granular Material

Mechanical Behavior of Stored Bulk Deformable Particles

An Anisotropic Model for Dense Two-Phase Flows

Application of MATHCAD in Bridge Design

Slim Floors - System Behaviour and Fire Resistance of Hollow Core Slabs on Flexible Beams

Longitudinal Shear Resistance of Composite Slabs - To a Better Understanding of the Physical Behaviour

Horizontal Shear Failures Around Connectors Used with Steel Decking

Shear Strength Prediction of Steel-Concrete Sandwich Beams





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