On Solid Ground (Available only in the Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
On four transportation projects in Portland, Ore., soil nails and micropiles are used as alternatives to conventional earth-retention and foundation systems. The use of soil nails and...

Relationship of Rainfall Induced Erosion to Shear Strength and Compressive Strength

A Policy to Charge for Fire Flow Information

Effective Slab Width for Composite Cable-Stayed Bridges Using Finite Elements

LRFD Implementation: Lessons From the British Experience

Influence of Diaphragms on Live Load Distribution in Straight Multiple Steel Box Girder Bridges

LRFD Design of Steel Bridges and the Case for Calibrating the Service Limit States

Earthquake-Resisting Dual Systems and the 25% Rule

Composite Construction III Conference Design Session Overview

Cyclic Shear Resistance of Light-Gauge Steel Framed Walls

Behavior of Cyclically Loaded Light Gauge Steel Framed Shear Walls

Contributions of Earthquake Reconnaissance to Improved Understanding of Seismic Performance of Bridge Structures

Understanding of Urban Hazards, Fire, and Tsunamis

Computers and Fire Safe Structural Design

Performance-Based Design Methods for Fire Resistance

An Introduction to Performance-Based Fire Safety Analysis and Design with Applications to Structural Fire Safety

Structural Fire Design, North American Perspective

Hardwood Glued-Laminated Timber Bridges

Analysis of Beam-Column Joints in Hybrid Structures

Comparison of ASD vs. LRFD for an Aluminum Clear Span Roof Structure





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