Shear Strength of Liquefied Soil

CPT Based Liquefaction Resistance of Sandy Soils

Intergranular Void Ratio - Steady State Strength Relations for Silty Sands

Implications of Vs-BPT (N1)60 Correlations for Liquefaction Assessment in Gravels

Energy Loss in Long Rod Penetration Testing: Terminus Dam Liquefaction Investigation

Vibro-Replacement for Liquefaction Mitigation for a Hospital Site

Two-Dimensional Shear Wave Structure and Ground Motion Characteristics in Kobe Based on Microtremor Measurements

Newmark Analysis of a Shaking Table Slope Stability Experiment

Estimating Seismic Displacements of Marginally Stable Landslides Using Newmark Approach

Laboratory Assessment of Residual Strength of Gravelly Fill of an Earth Dam

A Study of Slip Displacements Caused by Dynamic Loading at Geosynthetic Interfaces

Surface Wave Tests in Landfills and Embankments

Seismic Analysis and Performance of Retaining Structures

Verification of Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction

Shake It Up (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue Only)
The California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) has used structural lightweight concrete for more than 45 years in bridges across the state. Lightweight concrete—made with aggregates...

Interface Friction of a Soil–Fabric–Aggregate System

Performance of Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Respect to Frost Resistance: A Case Study

How to Make Concrete That Will Be Immune to the Effects of Freezing and Thawing

Slope Stability Strength Values for Potomac Group Clays

Characterization of Pavement Materials and Soils Using Gyratory Shear Test





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