Carpet Flow Analysis
Under very high flow conditions, sediment may be transported either in a suspension or by carpet flow, as defined by Bagnold. This study examines the theoretical conditions for carpet...

Verification of the Shearstress Boundary Conditions in the Undertow Problem

Scale Effect on Impulsive Wave Forces and Reduction by Submerged Breakwater

Sediment Suspension Events and Shear Instabilities in the Bottom Boundary Layer

About the Range of Validity of Different Spectral Models for Wind-Generated Gravity Waves

Large Scale Measurements of Near Surface Orbital Velocities in Laboratory Waves by Using a Surface Following Device

Hydrodynamic Processes on the Lower Shoreface of the Dutch Coast

Hydrodynamics of Random Wave Boundary Layers

Overview of the Sines West Breakwater Reconstruction

Brief History of the Port of Sines and General Presentation of West Breakwater

Where are the Shear Resistors?

Redefining the Roles Insurers and Engineers Play in Hurricane Preparedness and Mitigation

Reducing the Risks of Severe Windstorm Disaster; an International Perspective

Performance of Manufactured Housing in Louisiana During Hurricane Andrew

Survivability of Manufactured Housing in Hurricanes

The Manufactured Home Dilemma

Critique - Manufactured Housing Session

Shelters for Hurricane Refuge

One Engineer's Wish List for Hurricane Hazard Mitigation

Causes of Roof Covering Damage and Failure Modes: Insights Provided by Hurricane Andrew





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