A Design Flow Hydrograph for Flat Terrain Watersheds

A Numerical Design Method for Open-Channel Flow

Calculation of Turbulent Flow in Open Channel Bends

Comparison of Algebraic Eddy Viscosity Models in 3D Simulation of Compound Channel Flows

How Spacing of Cross-Section Surveys Affects Understanding of Variability in Channel Hydraulic Geometry

Use of Acoustic Velocity Methodology and Remote Sensing Techniques to Measure Unsteady Flow on the Lower Yazoo River in Mississippi

A Fast Method of Discharge Measurement in Open-Channel Flow

Relation Between Mean and Maximum Velocities in the River Jamuna

The WELLSIM Model for Analyzing Well Hydrodynamics

Analyzing of Fractal Dispersivity by Wavelets

The New Methods for Preventing Cavitation of High-Lift Ship Lock Valves in Hydro-Power Projects

New Techniques for Research on Lock Valve Cavitation Problems with Unsteady Flow

Reference Evapotranspiration by Using the Residual Energy Balance Method

An Open-Loop Control System for Open-Channel Flows

An Eddy Viscosity Model for Shallow-Water Flows

Computation of Open Channel Flow Using a Gas-Kinetic Based Scheme

Fractional Volume Methods for the Calculation of Shallow Water Flows

Transient Flow Analysis of Canal Networks Using the Implicit Finite Difference Model

Monitoring & Modeling Streambank Subsurface Water Conditions in North Queensland, Australia

Abutment Scour in Compound Channels for Variable Setbacks





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