The Regulation of CSOs and Storm Water in the United States

Willingness to Pay for Stormwater Infrastructure
The contingent valuation method is used to estimate the willingness of Baltimore County homeowners to pay for stormwater controls to reduce nutrient loadings to the Chesapeake Bay. Homeowner...

Evaluation Criteria for Sewerage Failure and Rehabilitation

Simulation of Large Urban Wastewater Conveyance System

Water Reclamation in Tempe, Arizona

Chapter IX Combined Systems

Resolving U.S.-Mexican Border Wastewater Problems

Storm Water Quality in a Houston Area Watershed

Economic Impacts of Storm Sewer Design Criteria
This paper discusses the selection of storm sewer design criteria and the resulting economic impacts. Using the Rational Method for calculating design flows, an investigation was made...

Relief of an Urban Storm Drainage System
The Peaks Branch storm sewer system was designed in the 1930s to drain 5.7 square miles of East Dallas. Subsequently, development blocked the emergency overflow paths and many areas are...

Analysis of Storm Sewers During Surcharge
A mathematical model based on a lumped system approach is presented to simulate unsteady flow in storm sewers during surcharge. The model equations and method of solution are presented....

Planning Rehabilitation Works on a Sewer Network

Maintenance Management Systems for Water and Sewer Infrastructure

Affordable Housing and the Civil Engineer
The Joint Venture for Affordable Housing (JVAH) Demonstration. Program accomplished the goal and reduced the first time cost of housing by up to 30% through the use of innovative methods...

Siting the New Boston Outfall: Near-Field Considerations
This paper describes a procedure applied in near-field considerations for siting the new outfall to serve the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority's (MWRA) proposed regional...

Housing America—Civil Engineers at the Crossroads

Using Microcomputers in Automatic Control

Database Management and Sewer System Computer Modeling

Sewer Rehabilitation—Metro Chicago
After a number of public hearings in the late 1960's and early 1970's which focused on sewer backup problems in the Sanitary District's separate...

Rehabilitation Strategies for Urban Drainage Systems—A European Perspective
Rehabilitation of urban drainage system is needed in many old European cities. This is in part due to the required structural upgrading of the existing sewerage system. But rehabilitation...





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