Non-Structural Measures to Minimise CSO Effects

Cost and Benefit of CSO Treatment

APOGEE 94—Towards An Operational System

Sewerage Pollution Control: UK Research Programme

Sanitary Sewer Design: Setting the Standards

Evaluation of a Large Municipal Drainfield

Atlanta Combined Sewer Overflows Present and Future

Benefits of the Proactive Approach for CSO Control in Chattanooga

Approaches for Evaluating Water Quality Benefits of Combined Sewer Overflow Controls

Surge and Odor Control for Southeast Capital Circle Manifolded Force Main

Iona Outfall Plume Characterization Study
Field studies were conducted in August 1988 to verify the performance of the new deep sea outfall for the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) Iona Island Sewerage Treatment Plant...

Merging Buoyant Jets in a Stratified Crossflow

Variability of Physical, Chemical, and Biological Parameters in the Vicinity of an Ocean Outfall Plume

Upgrading Antique Sewers
In a $35 million, four-year program, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) completely restructed the pumping system serving the sewers under East Boston, Chelsea, Revere and...

Strategic Sanitation Planning
Conventional sewerage has generally been the only method considered for human waste and wastewater disposal in urban areas, both in developed and developing countries. In developing countries,...

Environmental Engineering
This proceedings was presented at the Environmental Engineering 1990 Specialty Conference sponsored by the Environmental Engineering Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers...

The Hydraulic and Hydrological Interactions Between Urban Sewer Systems and Receiving Waters at High Discharges
In the transition region from sewer to river, the penetration of river flood water into the sewer network or the hydraulic overload of small rivers due to sewer system discharges, may...

CSO Induced Circulation in Marine Tributaries
Pulses of freshwater flow to estuarine tributaries from combined sewer overflows (CSO) create short duration intense salinity stratification in the tributaries. An accurate assessment...

Stormwater Pollution Control Using Screening Structures

Urban Stormwater Quality Enhancement
Source Control, Retrofitting, and Combined Sewer Technology
This proceedings contains the papers presented at the Engineering Foundation Conference on Urban Stormwater Quality Enhancement - Source Control, Retrofitting and Combined Sewer Technology,...





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