Computation of Velocity Fields of Intravenous Balloon Pumping

Statistical Analyses of Acoustical Wave Velocity in Porous Seafloor

Model of Shear Wave Speed as a Function of Depth in Water-Saturated Sand

Evaluating Hydraulic Roughness in Tunnels
Much of the data presented in the literature on measured friction losses in tunnels are given in terms of the Darcy-Weisbach f or Manning's...

Interaction Between Nearshore Natural Processes on Macro-Tidal Beaches. Case Study Along the Capricorn Coast, Australia

On the Relationship between Net-Momentum Fluxes and Wall-Normal Velocity Fluctuations

Rational Design and Operation of Packed Bed Adsorption Reactors
Design of packed bed adsorption reactors is based presently upon the parameter empty bed contact time (EBCT), a fallacious concept. The column wave front behavior, instead, should be the...

Simulation of Suspended Sediment Transport in Vegetated Open Channel Flows With a κ-ε Turbulence Model

A Study on the Characteristics of Shallow-Water Flow in a Steep Channel

Fall Velocity of Sea Shells as Coastal Sediment

Simulation of the Accuracy of Current Meters

Measurements of Velocity and Discharge, Grand Canyon, Arizona, May 1994

Permeability and Shear Wave Velocity of Vibro-Replacement Stone Columns

A Simplified Estimate of Seismic Soil Strain for Lifeline Systems

Observations Related to the Use of the Sigma Coordinate Transformation for Estuarine and Coastal Modeling Studies
One of the common techniques used in application of time-dependent, three-dimensional models addressing estuarine and coastal environmental problems is the sigma coordinate transformation....

Second Order Directional Wave Kinematics in Shallow Water
A theory numerical procedure were developed earlier to represent a real sea by the sum of many linear and second order directional wave components. Earlier publications showed that including...

Waves Propagating on an Adverse Jet
A laboratory investigated was conducted of the propagation of waves on an adverse three-dimensional jet. The problem which was simulated was the ebb-tide flow from a tidal inlet into a...

Optical Remote Sensing of Wave Surface Kinematics
The measurement of the directional properties of surface slopes, velocities and accelerations is difficult, even in the laboratory, under conditions of steep, random and short-crested...

Strategic Ship Routing Impacts of Temporal Coverage with Real-time Satellite Altimeter-Based Current Information
We investigate strategic ship routing impacts of temporal coverage with real-time satellite altimeter-based current information. We sample underlying daily `true' current patterns along...

Assessing Roughing Filtration Design Variables
Rural communities are affected by the surface water treatment rule and are looking for inexpensive filtration options which are easy to operate and maintain. This paper evaluates roughing...





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