Riprap Sizing-Four Methods
A comparison summary is provided for sizing of riprap by four methods: Isbash, Froude, Tractive Force - Logarithmic Velocity Profile (TFL), and Tractive Force - Power Velocity Profile...

Prediction of Dam Overtopping Due to Mudflows
The eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980 resulted in a small mudflow into Swift reservoir, which is located immediately south of the mountain. An engineering/geologic study was...

Simultaneous Velocity and Concentration Measurement in Round Vertical Buoyant Jets Using Optical Techniques

Logarithmic and Power Law Velocity Profiles

An Experimental Investigation of a Confined Turbulent Jet

On the Steady and Uniform Turbulent Flow

Numerical Simulation of Liquid Sloshing

Runaway Solutions

Cavitation Inception from Cylindrical Holes
The inception of cavitation due to circular holes in a boundary is studied. Laboratory experiments were conducted to define limited cavitation as a function of the hole depth to diameter...

Update on Impact Effects in Nuclear Plants Part III—Review of Heavy Object Drop
The consequences of an accidental drop of a heavy component from a lifting device in a nuclear power plant are required to be evaluated even though the device may have been designed using...

Optimal Reference Velocities for Seismic Inversion

Turbulent Reattachment in Circular-Cylinder Flows

Curvature Effects on Fluid Flow Through 180° Channels

An Investigation of the Stable Weight of Rubble for the Foundations of Vertical Walls under Wave Action

Cohesive Sediment Properties and Transport Processes

Continental Shelf Sediment Transport: A Coupled Model for Flow and Sediment Dynamics

Bank Erosion by Waves

Performance of Air Slots in High Velocity Chutes

Linearized Tidal Friction in Uniform Embayments

Fall Velocity of Particles in an Oscillating Flow





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