On Estimating the Effect of Passivating Inhibitors on the Time for Corrosion Initiation of Steel in Concrete

Using Tuned Mass Dampers to Eliminate Annoying Floor Vibrations

Time-dependent Reliability and Service Life Prediction of Aging Concrete Structures

Life Extension of Transmission Lines at Ontario Hydro

Tools for the Structrual Engineers Practice

Standard Contracts for Project Peer Review and Special Inspection Services

Impacts of NAFTA on the Practice and Licensing of Civil Engineers

SFEM-Based Evaluation of Strength and Serviceability Requirements

When Should PCCP With Interface Class IV Wire Be Replaced?

Assessment of Centerville Powerhouse Penstocks

Decision Making Support System for Emergency Shutdown of Gas Lifeline System

Performance of Lifelines During the January 17, 1994 Northridge Earthquake

Who Do ASCE Members Work For?

Freeway Operations/Design; A Tale of Two Interchanges

Probabilistic Codified Design for Wood Construction Serviceability Considerations

Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Local Streets and Roads: The Local Agencies' Dilemma

Empowerment of Structural Engineers Through Local Organizations: Structural Engineers Coalition of Connecticut

Cumulative Impact of Heavy Permit-Trucks on Steel Bridges
In many parts of North America, special permits are issued to heavy vehicles without considering their cumulative effect on steel bridge components. Such overloads may initiate crack propagation...

Instrumentation and Testing of a Three Hinge Arch for Service Loads Increase
A three hinge arch railroad bridge was instrumented and tested to evaluate its condition and the required modification for increasing the service loads. Initially the structure was designed...

ASCE Salary Survey 1993
The 22nd biennial ASCE salary survey of the engineering profession conducted by the ASCE Committee on Employment Conditions during the first half of 1993 is presented. It consists of an...





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