Transportation Planning and Air Quality IV
Persistent Problems and Promising Solutions
This proceedings, Transportation Planning and Air Quality IV, consists of papers presented at the conference held in Lake Lanier, Georgia,...

Engineering Your Future
The Non-Technical Side of Professional Practice in Engineering and Other Technical Fields
This book is an essential career tool for engineering and technical students or young professionals. Walesh, drawing from his 35 years of experience, provides valuable advice and instruction...

Applications of High Performance Concrete to the Prestessed Bridge Girder Industry

Life-Cycle Optimization of Structures with Seismic Energy-Dissipating Devices

Innovative Seismic Strengthening: Meeting the Client's Needs

Life-Cycle Cost Design of Deteriorating Bridges Using Genetic Algorithm

Lifetime Reliability of Concrete Bridges

Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization and Life-Cycle Cost

Fatigue Evaluation through Field Testing

Fatigue Strength Assessment of I-95 Bridge over James River

Application of Field Data in Fatigue Life Estimation of Highway Bridges

Integration of Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) in Life-Cycle Cost of Highway Bridges

Cold In-Place Asphalt Recycling Performance Review

Growing Pains
Most small firms want to increase their business, but there are hidden dangers that can dampen even the most encouraging outlook. Small engineering firm executives and business consultants...

Water, Water, Everywhere (Available in Geoenvironmental special issue only)
The discovery of extensive contamination just prior to construction of an underground library storage facility prompted engineers from the Minneapolis-based firms CNA Consulting Engineers...

Big-Firm Marketing Ideas That Can Work For You
Access to a large advertising and marketing budget may make it easier to attract clients, but bringing in new business doesn't have to be expensive. Marketing professionals...

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Bridges

Management of Technology and Regulatory Requirements in Civil Engineering Systems by Risk Analysis: Design Life vs Technological Life

Design of an Isolated Steel Bridge for Serviceability

Concept of Ensuring the Serviceability of the Roadbed of the Berkakit-Tommot-Yakutsk Railway on Sections of Very Icy Permafrost





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