Life-Cycle Cost Implications of a System Using Bare SNF Transfer

When Should PCCP With Interface Class IV Wire Be Replaced?

Bridge Design: Reality Bites Back
Many bridge engineers tend to ignore the process nature of reality, the fact that everything in this universe changes from moment to moment. When they are given the responsibility for...

Assessment of Centerville Powerhouse Penstocks

Medium Voltage Breaker Rehabilitation: A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Replacement, Retrofit and Interrupter Technology Options

Machine Condition Monitoring

Probabilistic Analysis of Deposit Liquefaction

Decision Making Support System for Emergency Shutdown of Gas Lifeline System

Performance of Lifelines During the January 17, 1994 Northridge Earthquake

Who Do ASCE Members Work For?

Life-Cycle CADD Drawing Management System

GA Airport Longevity Trends in Illinois

Freeway Operations/Design; A Tale of Two Interchanges

Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Local Streets and Roads: The Local Agencies' Dilemma

Design of Selected Pavement Sections at Hobby Airport

Berlin's Big Dig
As the first of many major development projects for the new Berlin, the DM 1.5 billion FriedrichstadtPassengen project is the largest private construction investment in Berlin's...

Adaptive Space Station Technologies and Systems for a Lunar Surface Return Mission
The current global economic climate, in particular that of the United States, has impacted all aspects of government spending. Wise use of existing, as well as near-term planned, assets...

Is It Possible to Colonize Mars?
Is it possible to colonize the planet Mars? A planet that is believed to be the most clement planet in the solar system, next to Earth. Despite the fact that it is a very clement planet,...

A Space Station of Mars
While we are putting stations on the moon and in orbit in this fast changing world of growing scientific knowledge we must look past the step we are currently on to the steps beyond. The...

Lunar Mining
Mining the moon for materials that can be used for the advancement of space research would be very profitable. It would be necessary to develop equipment for mining. There would be a need...





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