Big Business
Prior to the 1990s, there were few mergers in the environmental engineering consulting industry. Growth and profitability were generally sufficient to compensate owners and employees and...

The Importance of Maintaining Smooth Airport Pavements

A Software Architecture for Concurrent Lifecycle Design and Construction

Hyogo-Ken Nanbu Earthquake of January 17, 1995
A Post-Earthquake Reconnaissance of Port Facilities
Prepared by the Committee on Ports and Harbors Lifelines of the Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering of ASCE. Hyogo-Ken...

Assessment of Remaining Fatigue Life of Existing Railway Riveted Bridges

Fatigue Analysis with Random Loads

Mean Stress Effects in Fatigue of Welded Steel Joints

A Multi-Loop Strategy for Performance-Based Optimization with Probabilistic Constraints

Proof Loads, Construction Error and the Reliability of Service Proven Structures

Fatigue Evaluation of Bridges

Probabilistic Evaluation of Wood-Joist Floor Vibrations

Fatigue Lifetime Prediction of Steel Bridge Details

Application of a Reliability-Based Fatigue Life Model to a Gas Turbine Engine Structure

Random Fields and Airplane Loads

Service Life of Timber Trestles

Probabilistic Fatigue Life Analysis of High Density Electronics Packaging

Life Cycle Cost Analysis of a Storburn Propane Combustion Toilet

Let the Buyer (and Seller) Beware
A merger or acquisition shouldn't be a gamble, but many firms depend too much on good luck and good will. For long-term success, the best bet is a checklist for professional...

A Landslide of Litigation
Recently in Dana Point, Calif. a hillside road-widening project turned into a mountain of litigation when crews unknowingly cut open the slope toe downhill of residences. Design consultants...

Predicting the Service Lives of Materials of Construction





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