Infrastructure Visionaries
The city of Indianapolis is investigating the long-term structural integrity of its infrastructure, in an unusual effort for U.S. municipalities. Most cities are strapped for cash and...

Reengineering Project Delivery in a Corporate Setting

Financing and Life Cycle Cost Issues Versus Quality in Residential Construction

Evaluating and Communicating Design Alternatives

The Project Navigator..Multimedia for Project Management

FACT: Using Circle Integration to Automate Pre-Project Planning

Development of Construction CALS

Thai Water Mark
Thailand's economy has taken off and with new industry and population growth, water quality problems are increasing. The nation has a 20-year initiative to address these problems,...

Waste Not: The Scottsdale Transfer Station (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
Scottsdale, Ariz., is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. In 1980, it had 88,000 residents; in 1997, it had 170,000. By 2020, demographers expect the population to surpass 275,000....

Cost-effectiveness Evaluation of Design Criteria

Life Cycle Cost Analysis with Natural Hazard Risk: A Framework and Issues for Water Systems

Optimal Bridge Management Based on Lifetime Reliability and Life-Cycle Cost

Optimal Seismic Design Based on Life-Cycle Cost

Construction and Maintenance
The purpose of this section is to identify construction and maintenance practices that are necessary in order to ensure that the final installation of the guyed structure adheres to the...

Methodologies for the Analytic Definition of Uniform Travelling Time-Shifts of an Urban Public Transportation Service

Assessing Opal's Impact
Geographic information systems and other high-technology tools were used to quantify the effects of Hurricane Opal in October 1995. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, along with...

Plumbing the Quality of a Sewer System
Consultants in Phoenix were recently charged with assessing the city's sewer system, many feet of which were laid without plastic lining to protect them. Developing a capital...

Re-engineering Cowboy Heaven (Available only in Focus on Structures Special Edition)
On a wooded hill overlooking the north end of Oklahoma City sits one of the foremost repositories of this country's Western heritage, the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. Contained...

Program for Estimating the Remaining Fatigue Life of Steel Railway Bridges

Structural Serviceability Review and Standard Implementation





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