Computer Simulation of Weldment Fatigue Life

Corrosion Control
As pipe systems with nonwelded joints have become more common, so have problems with corrosion. It's up to designers to carefully consider corrosion issues in order to avoid...

Neighborhood Traffic Management City of Long Beach, California

Life-Cycle Design Approach to Sustainable Development of Civil Infrastructure

Some Remarks on the Ultimate and Serviceability Checks of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams According to Eurocode 4

Cracking of Concrete Mechanical Models of the Design Rules in Eurocode 4

Plastic Hinge Theory for Composite Floors and Frames

FERC License Implementation and Lessons Learned

Strategic Hydropower System Rehabilitation

Design Considerations for Horizontal Hydroturbine Shafting Systems

Wireless Global Bridge Evaluation & Monitoring System (WGBEMS)

Remaining Service Life Analysis - Implementation in the ADOT Pavement Management System

The Condition Assessment Survey: A Case Study for Application to Public Sector Organizations

Proposed Performance-Related Data Characteristics for the Israeli Pavement Management System

Deterioration Mechanisms and Nondestructive Evaluation for Infrastructure Life-Cycle Analysis

Newport News: Brackish Water Gets Fresh
Rapid growth was straining freshwater supplies in Newport News, Virginia. Studies showed Newport News Waterworks that they could be facing a 30 mgd deficit by 2040 and ran a 50% chance...

Pumped-Up Pumping Stations
The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, a public utility serving Prince Georges County and Montgomery County, Md., publishes a design guide (DG-04) to help outside consultants meet...

Prediction of Remaining Life on Airport Pavements

Proportioning Concrete Mixtures with Graded Aggregates

The Effect of Runway Roughness on Aircraft Operations





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