Program for Estimating the Remaining Fatigue Life of Steel Railway Bridges

Structural Serviceability Review and Standard Implementation

Deflection Serviceability Design for Wood Members and Systems

Target Safety Level for Bridges

Fatigue Evaluation of Highway Bridges Using Ultrasonic Stress Measurements

Optimal Design of Prestressed Concrete Transmission Poles

Application of Structural Optimization to Practical Tall Steel Building Design

Integrating Information with 3D Models for Facility Life-Cycle Support

The Electronic Highway System for the Building Industry

A User's Guide to Federal Architect
Engineer Contracts
The User's Guide to Architect-Engineer Contracts explores the process of selecting architect-engineer firms to perform design...

Effective Subsurface Retention/Detention Systems
Stringent environmental regulations and increasing land values have made finding an effective way to manage storm water runoff a high priority for consulting engineers and land developers....

Volunteer Organizations Use of Appropriate Technology in Developing Countries
The water and sanitation needs facing developing countries are formidable. This paper discusses the experience of a volunteer organization, the Water and Sanitation Consultancy Group,...

The HEC NexGen Software Development Project
The NexGen project is developing successor software packages to the existing family of HEC computer programs. Development is occurring via teams comprised of technical specialists, computer...

Hyogo-Ken Nanbu Earthquake of January 17, 1995
A Post-Earthquake Reconnaissance of Port Facilities
Prepared by the Committee on Ports and Harbors Lifelines of the Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering of ASCE. Hyogo-Ken...

Assessment of Remaining Fatigue Life of Existing Railway Riveted Bridges

Fatigue Analysis with Random Loads

Mean Stress Effects in Fatigue of Welded Steel Joints

A Multi-Loop Strategy for Performance-Based Optimization with Probabilistic Constraints

Proof Loads, Construction Error and the Reliability of Service Proven Structures

Fatigue Evaluation of Bridges





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