Seismic Performance of a Deep Soil Mixing Grid: A Magnitude 7.1 Load Test at the Port of Alaska
The Port of Alaska in Anchorage (Port) has embarked on a multiphase modernization program that includes the development of a new petroleum and cement terminal (PCT) berth. The berth consists of a pile-supported...

Swarms of "Stormquakes" Identified for First Time

Tall Building Seismic Safety Report Released

Seismic Design

Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations
Civil engineers have responsibilities for the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of physical infrastructures. These infrastructures include all types of buildings,...

Detailed Site Investigations
This section addresses site investigation issues that are important for detailed design and construction of microtunneling projects. These site investigations include the following: Geotechnical...

Extreme Wave-Force Calculation Procedure for 20th Edition of API RP-2A
The paper describes the revised guideline design wave force calculation procedure approved for the 20th edition of the API-RP2A WSD and the first edition of the API-RP2A LRFD and contrasts...

Seismic Test Shakes National Cathedral Spire

Dynamic Response of Floating Bridge to Wave Forces

Hybrid Modelling of Seismic Structure Interaction

Measurements of On-Site Dynamic Parameters for Seismic Evaluations

Increased Seismic Resistance of Highway Bridges Using Improved Bearing Design Concepts

Evaluation of Soil-Structure Interaction Methods

Aseismic Design of a 31-Story Frame-Wall Building

Geo-Seismic Design in Eastern US: State of Practice

Structures Congress 2012
Forging Connections in the Windy City
Proceedings of Structures Congress 2012, held in Chicago, Illinois, March 29-31, 2012. Sponsored by the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE. Structures Congress 2012 contains 202...

Seismic upgrades of San Pablo Dam

Seismic Retrofit Aims To Preserve Historically Important Rail Station

NewsBriefs: Newly Discovered Seismic Fault Could Produce Powerful Earthquake in Rockies (Reuters)

Ecuador's Longest Crossing Features Seismic Design





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