Design of the Future Mexico City Airport: Attaining Resilience in Soft Ground
The Lake Texcoco region to the east of Mexico City is famed for its deep lacustrine deposits of compressible clay, which amplify ground shaking during seismic events. The area is also gradually subsiding...

Seismic Data from Smartphones: MyShake: Building a Global Smartphone Seismic Network
Increasing the density of earthquake-monitoring instruments at a fast rate and at a low cost is a dream for many researchers who study earthquakes. MyShake, a smartphone application developed by the Berkeley...

Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering: What Can It Do for You?
There's been a lot of talk, and some confusion, lately about performance-based earthquake engineering (PBEE). Many geotechnical engineers wonder -- what is it, how does it differ from what I've been doing,...

You Designed It for the Big One, Right? Illustrating and Communicating Uncertainty in a Deterministic Seismic Hazard Analysis
In seismic regions of the U.S. and worldwide, engineers design structures to withstand seismic ground motions resulting from a large, rare earthquake. But definitions of "large" and "rare" depend on who...

Detailed Site Investigations
This section addresses site investigation issues that are important for detailed design and construction of microtunneling projects. These site investigations include the following: Geotechnical...

Extreme Wave-Force Calculation Procedure for 20th Edition of API RP-2A
The paper describes the revised guideline design wave force calculation procedure approved for the 20th edition of the API-RP2A WSD and the first edition of the API-RP2A LRFD and contrasts...

Dynamic Response of Floating Bridge to Wave Forces

Hybrid Modelling of Seismic Structure Interaction

Measurements of On-Site Dynamic Parameters for Seismic Evaluations

Increased Seismic Resistance of Highway Bridges Using Improved Bearing Design Concepts

Evaluation of Soil-Structure Interaction Methods

Aseismic Design of a 31-Story Frame-Wall Building

Geo-Seismic Design in Eastern US: State of Practice

Seismic upgrades of San Pablo Dam

Seismic Behavior of Tubular Steel Offshore Platforms

The Measurement of Wave Heights by Means of a Float in an Open-End Pipe

An Analysis of Data from Wave Recorders on the Pacific Coast of the United States

Southern Swell Observed at Oceanside, California

Wave Transformation in Shoaling Water

Parallel Wire Resistance Wave Meter





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