Fuzzy Rule-Based Forecasting of Extreme Rainfall Probability Conditioned on Sea Surface Temperature
(No paper) The recent El Nino event demonstrated the importance of sea-surface temperature on rainfall anomalies. The purpose of this paper is to develop a methodology to forecast extreme...

Sizing Up Seismic Bearings
Today in the U.S., there are two general technologies available to protect new and existing bridges from the damaging effects of earthquakes. One type, seismic isolation bearings, provide...

Expected Seismic Damage to Memphis Highway Systems

Repairing Highways after Earthquakes

Seismic Fragility Curve Theory for Highway Bridges

Empirically-Based Geotechnical Seismic Site Classification

Empirical Prediction of Liquefaction Induced Lateral Spreading (EPOLLS) Prediction of Permanent Ground Deformation Resulting from Lateral Spreading

Earthquake-Induced Rock Fall and Slide Hazard along U.S. Highway 97 and Oregon Highway 140 near Klamath Falls, Oregon

Seismic Slope–Performance Analysis: From Hazard Map to Decision Support System

Seismic Analysis of Buried Pipelines

Golden Gate Bridge Earthquake (EQ) Response and Damage Assessment

Bridge Seismic Retrofits in Seattle

Seismic Evaluation of Major River-Crossing Bridges in Mid-America

Seismic Retrofit and Instrumentation of the 5/52 Interchange in San Diego, California

Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Oregon

Seismic Reliability Assessment of Critical Lifeline Equipment

Bayes Decision Procedure Model for Post-Earthquake Emergency Response

Seismic Assessment of Concrete-Filled Steel Frame Substations

Bridge Earthquake Protection with Seismic Isolation

Seismic Analysis of a Truss-Arch Bridge across Mississippi River





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