Field Measurements of Tracer Gas Transport Induced by Barometric Pumping

Proposed Sealing Field Tests for a Potential High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository in Unsaturated Tuff

Application of Centrifuge Modeling Technique to Slopes and Embankments

Performance of an Embankment Dam With Partial Cutoff

Stability Evaluations for Old Water Supply Dams in Pennsylvania

Long Term Behavior of Urban Fill Embankments

Tunnel Seepage Control by the Interior Grouting Method

Seepage Influence on Stability of Bridge Abutments

Approximate Approach to Contact Effects of Piles

Use of Stabilized Fly Ash for Seepage Control

Modelling Vertical Ground Movements Using Surface Climatic Flux

Imperial Irrigation District Water Conservation
Imperial Irrigation District (IID) and Metropolitan Water District (MWD) have entered into a Water Conservation Agreement to conserve 106, 110 acre-feet (1.31 × 108...

Flownets by Computer Graphics
A new method of drawing flownets for determining seepage losses in earth dams is developed. The flow and equipotential lines are drawn by modifying W. Kinzelbagh's method....

Clean vs. Dirty Water Effects in Irrigation Systems
Seepage losses in irrigation systems may be significantly affected by the suspended solids concentrations of the water. Low-solids clean water increases losses; high-solids dirty water...

Maximum Scour Below Dams Caused by Over-Fall Flow
The scour of sediment below a check dam caused by over-fall flow will lead to the destruction of dams. The formation of the scour hole below the dam will lead to shorten the seepage lines,...

Urban Stormwater Management Practices: Concepts and Misconceptions
A variety of methods are practiced for the management of urban stormwater runoff. These include detention basins/ponds, retention basins, infiltration basins, and seepage pits. This paper...

A Study on Estimation of Aquifer Parameters in Unsteady Seepage Flow
A method which automatically identifies aquifer parameters is proposed in this paper. The aim of this investigations is to estimate transmissivities and storage coefficients of unsteady...

Construction Quality Assurance for Geomembranes
The results of and lessons learned from construction quality assurance (CQA) programs on 19 geomembrane liners are presented. The specifications are generally exceeded by comfortable margins...

Groundwater Seepage into the Indian River Lagoon

Infiltration of Water to the Ground in a Flood-Control Reservoir with Seepage
As storm water management in urban area with increasing amount of runoff, flood-control reservoir with the bed having large permeability to enrich the groundwater is considered. A dynamical...





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