Seepage Assessments and Control Associated with Florida's Phosphate Industry

Embankment Dams in the Piedmont/Blue Ridge Province

Radiocolloid Migration Through Backfill-Surrounding Porous Media in Semi-Infinite Cylindrical Geometry

The Use of Seepage Trenches for Artificial Ground Water Recharge

Use of Selected Tropical Soils as Seepage Barriers for Contaminated Liquids

Effects of the Georgia Flood of '94 on Lake Blackshear Dam

A Cooperative Clay Blanket Seepage Reduction

Comparison Study Between the Different Numerical Techniques for Evaluation Seepage Flow

Use of Hydrologic Budgets and Hydrochemistry to Determine Ground-Water and Surface-Water Interactions for Rapid Creek, Western South Dakota

Effect of Groundwater Pumping on Streamflow

Determination of Leakage to Groundwater from Irrigation Canals

Imperial County Groundwater Evaluation: Model Applications

Application of Fuzzy Logic in Civil Engineering in Japan
In various engineering fields, many applications of fuzzy logic have been attempted, some of which have been applied for practical use. In this paper, civil engineering applications of...

Practical Seepage Control in Existing Tunnels

Seepage through Dike Walls of the Chicago Confined Disposal Facility

Soil Mix Walls in Difficult Ground

Transport Process of Surface Liquid Spills
A mathematical model simulating the scenarios of surface liquid spills is presented in this paper. This model describes the advance front and recession curves of surface spills based on...

Inspections, Evaluations and Modifications for Corps of Engineers Dams
The Corps of Engineers owns and operates 580 dams in the United States. As these dams become older (199 are over 50 years old), dam safety and modifications play an increasing role in...

Seepage Control in Dam Rehabilitation
This paper is concerned with the control of seepage problems which develop in existing dams. It is prefaced with a discussion of attitudes and experiences that have evolved over the last...

Prestwood Lake Dam Rehabilitation
The Prestwood Lake Dam located in Hartsville, South Carolina is owned by Sonoco Products Co. It originally was a wood structure built in 1895. That structure was washed out by a hurricane...





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