When Things Became Muddy: TVA's Response to Seepage Discharge at Boone Dam
In October 2014, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) profited from investments in a robust dam safety program. This profit did not come in the form of money, but more importantly in the protection of...

Seepage Repairs at Howard Hanson Dam

Seepage Problems Plague Construction of Lake Mead's Third Intake Project

Contemporary Grouting Practices in Composite Seepage Cutoff Construction

Dams: Prado Seepage Prompts Brief Evacuation

NewsBriefs: Layer of Tires Can Halt Chemical Seepage (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

Seepage and Transport through Anaerobic Lagoon Liners
In this chapter, the seepage and transport characteristics of lagoon liners are addressed using the soils and hydrogeology of southwest Kansas as examples....

Evaluating Seepage Losses and Liner Performance at Animal Waste Lagoons using Water Balance Methods
This chapter discusses techniques for evaluating seepage losses from existing animal waste lagoons under field conditions....

A Better Barrier
Seepage problems have troubled the Walter F. George Lock and Dam, on the Chattahoochee River, for more than 40 years. Construction of a deep positive cutoff wall is nearing completion,...

Seepage Effects on Bridge Pier Scour

Seepage Influence on Stability of Bridge Abutments

Seepage Control Measures for an Underground Powerstation in a Semi-Arid Region

Groundwater Control at Difficult Geological Interfaces

Characteristics of Urethane-Grouted Sand for In Situ Seepage Control

Relief Wells to Reduce Levee Seepage

Hydrologic Investigations of the Loxahatchee Mitigation Bank

An Introduction to Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

National Performance of Dams Program

Thermal Monitoring of Seepage at Fontenelle Dam

Grouting in a Karst Environment





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