Influence of Tidal Water Surface Fluctuations on Beach Profile Evolution

Sand Bars at Duck, North Carolina, U.S.A.: Observations and Model Predictions

Long-Term Cross-Shoreface Sediment Fluxes

The Role and Time Scale of Cross-Shore Sediment Exchange for a Barrier Island Shoreface

Hurricane Impacts and Shoreline Recovery along Masonboro Island, North Carolina

Instability of River Mouth Locations in Pocket Beaches

Transport of Mixed Size Sediments in a Tidal Channel

Estimation of Ebb-Tidal Shoal Sediment Transport Based on a Roller Inclusive Boussinesq Breaking Model

Hydrodynamics and Suspended Sediment Transport at Camboriú Estuary, Brazil

The Importance of Inlet Littoral Budget Variability

Inlet Impacts and Families of Solutions for Inlet Sediment Budgets

Coastal Impacts of the Pensacola Pass Entrance, Florida, U.S.A.

Regional Sediment Transport Patterns Adjacent to Canaveral Harbor, Florida

Complicated Littoral Drift Systems on the Gulf Coast of Peninsular Florida

Longshore Sand Transport Rate Measurement and Quantification of Uncertainties

The Long-Term Contribution of Pre-Holocene Sands to Transgressing Barrier Islands

Application of Bailard's Energetics Model for Shingle Sediment Transport

Sand Size and Fill Geometry Effects on Longshore Transport at a Nourished Beach

Sand Transport Measurements on Beaches: An Intercomparison between Fast Response Sensors (OBS) and Fluorescent Tracer Dispersal

Temporary Groynes for Measuring Longshore Transport in False Bay





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