Chemistry, Toxicity and Benthic Community Conditions of Sediments from Selected Southern California Bays and Estuaries

Modeling Longshore Sediment Transport and Shoaling Assessment

Mass Loading and Subsequent Baywide Transport of Sediment Resuspension During Tug Assisted Ship Movements at the Naval Station San Diego

CHIRP Sonar: A Viable Tool for the Management of Contaminated Sediments and Dredging Activities

Sediment Management Strategy for the Port of New York and New Jersey

Patterns in the Water: Patterns in the Sand?

A Predictive Model of Sediment Transport

An Urban Lake Remediation Experiment

Hydrodynamics and Wave Transformation at Selected South Carolina Tidal Inlets

Long-Term Observations of Migrating Shore-Normal Bars

Two-Dimensional Bank Erosion Model for Noncohesive Bank Material

Temporal Variations in Point Bar Morphology Within Two Incised River Meanders, Goodwin Creek, Mississippi

Sediment Budget for the Upper Mississippi River

State of the Science in Cohesive Bed Sediment Behavior

Sedimentation Study of Loyalhanna Lake Using a Digital Terrain Model

A Particle Method for Sediment Transport Modeling in the Jade Estuary

Streamlining Contaminated Sediment Management: The Use of Sediment Treatability Profiles During Site Assessment

The Long Term Management Strategy for San Francisco Bay Dredging

Visiosed: A Rainfall-Soil Loss Model for Application to Highway Construction Sites

Natural Urban Waterway Design Using Regime Relationships





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