Biogrout and Biosealing — Pore-Space Engineering with Bacteria

The Sealing of a Massive Water Flow through Karstic Limestone

Sealing Springfield
The city of Springfield, Missouri, initiated a $12-million, 12-year infiltration and inflow elimination program for its sanitary sewer system after a federal lawsuit was filed to seek...

Crack Sealing Performance for Flexible Pavements

Fuel-Resistant Sealers for Military Asphalt Pavements

Micro-Surfacing for Airfield Asphalt Pavements

Polyurethane Grouting for Sealing Leakages in Tunnels

Characteristics of Urethane-Grouted Sand for In Situ Seepage Control

Sealing the Subway
Although work on the Los Angeles Metro subway is stopped for now, the project has introduced a number of innovations and advances to the American tunneling community, including the use...

Man-Machine Balanced Crack Sealing Process for UT Automated Road Maintenance Machine

A Study on Top Sealing Slit of Reversed Tainter Valves and Its Application

Live Internal Sealing Cast Iron Gas Mains

Internal Joint Seals Extend Life of 50-Year Old Pipeline

Long-Term Brine Migration Through an Engineered Shaft Seal System

Calculation of Density and Permeability of Compacted Crushed Salt Within an Engineered Shaft Sealing System

Vibro-sealing; A Technique for Waste Containment in Fractured Clayey Till

Practical Experiences with Sealing Technology in the Czech Republic

A Wheeled Mobile Robot for Automated Pavement Crack Sealing

Vertical Cutoffs and Bottom Sealing by Jet Grouting

Electrophoretic Sealing of Impoundment Leaks





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