Biogrout and Biosealing — Pore-Space Engineering with Bacteria

The Sealing of a Massive Water Flow through Karstic Limestone

Sealing Springfield
The city of Springfield, Missouri, initiated a $12-million, 12-year infiltration and inflow elimination program for its sanitary sewer system after a federal lawsuit was filed to seek...

Crack Sealing Performance for Flexible Pavements

Polyurethane Grouting for Sealing Leakages in Tunnels

Sealing the Subway
Although work on the Los Angeles Metro subway is stopped for now, the project has introduced a number of innovations and advances to the American tunneling community, including the use...

Fuel-Resistant Sealers for Military Asphalt Pavements

Micro-Surfacing for Airfield Asphalt Pavements

Man-Machine Balanced Crack Sealing Process for UT Automated Road Maintenance Machine

A Study on Top Sealing Slit of Reversed Tainter Valves and Its Application

Sealing Leaks

Live Internal Sealing Cast Iron Gas Mains

Long-Term Brine Migration Through an Engineered Shaft Seal System

Calculation of Density and Permeability of Compacted Crushed Salt Within an Engineered Shaft Sealing System

Vibro-sealing; A Technique for Waste Containment in Fractured Clayey Till

Practical Experiences with Sealing Technology in the Czech Republic

A Wheeled Mobile Robot for Automated Pavement Crack Sealing

Vertical Cutoffs and Bottom Sealing by Jet Grouting

Reliability Assessment of Underground Shaft Closure

Developments in Ductile Iron Pipe





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