An Ocean of Love

The Port of Ensenada, B.C., Mexico: Problems and Prospects

California and International Conservation of Large Ocean Fishes of the Pacific Ocean

The Environmental Issues of Seawater Desalination in California: An Overview of the 1990s

Pacific Rim Experiences with Individual Transferable Quotas: Implications for Fisheries Policy in California

Farming the California Seas

Will California's Ocean Governance in the Year 2020 be Myopic?

Developing Integrated Access to Contemporary Aerial Photography and Water Quality-Related Data for a Portion of the Elkhorn Slough and Vicinity, North Monterey County

An Analysis of the Importance of Allee Effects in Management of Red Sea Urchins: Differences Between Oregon/Washington and Southern California

Influence of Local Productivity and Recruitment Patterns on Design of Reserves, the California Red Sea Urchin Population as an Example

The Armoring of California's Coast

Oil Spill Prevention and Response: Partnerships Make It Happen

Local Governments on the Edge: Planning for their Ocean Interface

Adopt-A-Beach: A Model for Marine Debris Education

Coastal Process Cyclicity

Coastal Watershed Policy and Management in California: Notes on the Development of Cooperative Strategies

Striking a Balance: Improving Stewardship of Marine Areas

America's Unmanaged Territories: Its Extended Territorial Sea and it's Exclusive Economic Zone

Oiled Wildlife Care for Sea Otters in California: A Government, Private Sector, Not-for-Profit Partnership

Southern California Coastal Wetlands Inventory: Centralizing Existing Information





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