Evaluating Bridges With Unknown Foundations for Susceptibility to Scour: North Carolina Applies Risk-Based Guidelines to Over 3,750 Bridges
Scour occurs when flowing water removes erodible material such as sand and rock. For bridges over water, scour affects the stability of pier and abutment foundations and contributes to...

Rock Scour—Fact or Fable?

Rock Scour at Hydraulic Structures: A Practical Engineering Approach

The Importance of Filters in Bridge Scour Countermeasure Design

Scour: No. 1 Destroyer of Bridges

Physical Model of Current-Induced Scour at Ventura Harbor
This paper describes a 1:25-scale movable-bed physical model study of scour resulting from longshore current passing through a narrow gap on the leeside of the detached breakwater at Ventura...

Bridge Inspections Related to Bridge Scour

Scour Evaluations of Existing Bridges

Addressing Bridge Scour When Funding Falls Short

Magnitude of the Scour Evaluation Program

Quality Control in Evaluating Scour at Bridges

Bridge Scour Analysis in New Jersey: Which Scour Factors Matter Most?

Stream Stability and Scour Training in Support of the NBIS

The Maryland Bridge Scour Program

Arizona Local Government Bridge Scour Evaluation Study

The Scour at Bridges Management Program in Rhode Island

South Carolina Department of Transportation Statewide Program of Bridge Scour Evaluation

Bridge Scour Evaluation Program in the United States

Bridge Inspections Related to Bridge Scour

The Design of Scour-Safe Bridges





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