Effect of Grain Size Gradation and Reference Concentration on Sediment Transport Beneath Large Waves

Near-Crest Pressure Gradient of Irregular Water Waves Approaching to Break

Spectral Modeling of Nonlinear Wave Shoaling and Breaking over Arbitrary Depths

Wave Transformation in the Nearshore Zone: Comparison Between a Non-Linear Model and Large Scale Laboratory Data

Modeling of Wave-Current Interaction at a River Mouth

Shear Instabilities of Longshore Currents: Flow Characteristics and Momentum Mixing During Superduck

Flow Modeling Using an Inverse Method with Direct Minimization

Delta '96: Surf-Zone and Nearshore Measurements at the Ebro Delta

Field Studies of Shore Evolution

Coastal Evolution: Modeling Fabric and Form at Successive Spatial Scales

Composite Modeling of an Offshore Breakwater Scheme in the UKCRF

Interaction of Floating Breakwaters with the 2DH Hydrodynamic Processes in the Coastal Zone

Modeling of Hydrodynamic and Morphological Effects of Submerged Breakwaters on the Nearshore Region

Monitoring and Modeling Ground Water Behavior in Sandy Beaches as a Basis for Improved Models of Swash Zone Sediment Transport

Toward a Better Understanding of Swash Zone Sediment Transport

Morphodynamic Modeling of Shoreface Bars

A Behavior Oriented Model for the Evaluation of Long-Term Lagoon-Coastal Dynamic Interaction Along the Po River Delta

A Conceptual Model for Barrier Coasts Behavior at Decadal Scale: Application to the Trabucador Bar

Sediment Transport Model and Its Application for Assessment of Sedimentation in Navigable Channels

Seasonal Closure of Tidal Inlets





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