Surface Water Inventory through Satellite Sensing
Data collected by the earth resources satellite have been used to develop a regression model, through which surface water storage volume for ungaged water bodies or an area can be estimated...

Locating Reservoirs with Landsat: A Texas Example

Landsat Data Use in Evaluating Nuclear Reactor Sites

River Murray Flooding

Regional Geology of the Dartmouth Dam Site

A Seismo-Tectonic Study of the Western Narmada Valley Using Landsat Imagery

Surface Temperature Mapping by NOAA-5 Satellite

Satellite Data Collection Platforms in River and Flood Forecasting

Environmental Data Collection Via the Global Meteorological Satellite System for Water Management and Control

Hydrologic Telemetry from Remote Areas

Whither Satellite Remote Sensing—II—
For about six years, NASA SERTS (now called Landsat) satellites have been circling the globe, radioing back digital information on what they see on earth. After being massaged by computer,...

Advanced Data Collection Technology and Applications - A Task Committee Report (Abstract)

Commercial Satellites for Data Collection (Abstract)

Land Data Systems for Transport Planning in Undeveloped Areas

The Movie System: Low Cost General Purpose Computer Graphics Software

Low-Investment Access to LANDSAT Digital Analysis

Geographic Data Bases

Landsat Imagery for Hydrologic Modeling?

Application of Landsat to the Inventory of Dams

Satelite Imagery and Shoreline Erosion Prediction





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