Storm Dynamics in the Lake Ontario Region
A program package, RAINPAK, was written to develop appropriate rainfall input, based on concepts of the physical processes behind the temporal and spatial distribution of storm rainfall...

Real-Time Monitoring for Ohio Basin Water Management
The Ohio River Division (ORD) of the Corps of Engineers operates 77 reservoirs in this basin for the purposes of flood control, conservation, hydropower, low flow augmentation, water supply,...

Geostationary operational environmental satellites (GOES) Data Collection Procedure—Ft. Worth District
The Fort Worth District Corps of Engineers is currently responsible for the daily operation of 22 federally owned reservoirs in Texas. This report describes this district's...

Surveying's New Promise: Centimeters from Space
One centimeter accuracy at far less cost than surveying by traditional methods is promised by the Global Positioning System (GPS). Signals from NAVSTAR satellites are received by two or...

Project Systems via Satellite Communications

Snowmelt Runoff Modeling Using Landsat Imagery

Status of Remote Sensing for Coastal Zone Management

Surveying and Photogrammetry Research Needs
An ASCE-National Science Foundation committee listed and prioritized research needs in surveying and photogrammetry. Among them are the Department of Defense's Global Positioning...

Acoustic Techniques for Offshore Positioning
Acoustic positioning systems for accurately determining the location of a site, structure, or vessel in the ocean are described. The advantages of acoustic positioning systems over electromagnetic...

Directional Spectra from Air- and Spaceborne Radar

Data Collection via Satellite for Water Management
The U.S. Geological Survey is utilizing satellite data relay to automate the timely acquisition and distribution of hydrologic data from more than 200 remote data-collection sites. This...

Satellite Positioning at Sea
A description of the present doppler satellite positioning system is given along with guidelines on its use for hydrographic surveying operations. Characteristics of several commercially...

Telecommunications After Earthquakes

Correlation Analysis of Reservoir Water Quality Parameters with Digital Satellite Reflectance Data

Low-Cost Satellite Digital Image Analysis of Surface Waters

Landsat Applications to Surface Mining

Engineering Applications of Image Data Processing

Satellite Communications - An Opportunity

New England Division, Corps of Engineers Data Acquisition, Management, and Use Program

Satellites as Aid to Water Resource Managers
Satellite imagery and digital data have been applied to solve water resource problems. Areal snowcover determinations, monitoring of river ice breakup, mapping of flood extent, and precipitation...





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