Management of Portland's Combined Sewer System
The City of Portland, Oregon, has embarked upon a two-year program to develop a long-term management program for its combined sewer system. A team of consultants is assisting the City...

When Sewer Rehab Doesn't Stop Basement Flooding
The western half of Wilmette, Illinois, is served by separate sanitary sewers. Constructed in the late 1920's, this separate sewer system was among the first installed in northeastern...

CSO Rehabilitation Strategies for Urban Areas
The USEPA national strategy for reduction of combined sewer overflows places high priority on maximizing the amount of combined wastewater that is captured and treated in the existing...

The Importance of Verified Simulation Model in a Sewerage Rehabilitation Program
In the past as structural, water quality and flooding problems occurred in a sewer system they were dealt with by crisis management. A better approach is now available using the latest...

North Central Texas Municipalities Address the NPDES Stormwater Regulations Through Regional Coordination

Using Simple Models to Evaluate Complex Storm Effects

Modeling of CSO Impacts in Jamaica Bay and Tributaries

Oxygen Transfer and VOC Emissions from Sewer Drop Structures

OUTFL—A Spreadsheet for Design of Adequate Storm Drainage Outfalls

Using a Dye Study for Defining Diffusion in a Water Quality Model

Balancing Hydraulic Requirements for Storage and Diversion in Planning Subsurface Facilities for the Control of Combined Sewer Overflows

Planning and Designing of a Grit Removal Facility

Infrared Thermographic Sensing of Sewer Pipeline Problems
When a sewer caves in, it often takes the street, sidewalks, and surrounding buildings along for the ride. These collapses endanger public health and safety. Repairing a sewer before such...

CSO Abatement for Gloucester Harbor in Massachusetts

Winter Sewer Construction in Campbell Lake
This paper discusses the winter construction for replacement of the Campbell Lake portion of the Campbell Creek C-5 Trunk (C-5 Trunk) located in Anchorage, Alaska (see Figure 1). A previous...

Numerical Analysis of Frost Shields
The term 'frost sheilding' has been used to describe the practice of using flat stock rigid insulation materials burial above a water or sewer pipe to reduce...

CSO Solutions
EPA estimates that 1,200 cities have nearly 20,000 combined-sewer-overflow points in areas serving more than 43 million people. Their impact on waterways has become a national problem,...

Design Criteria for Sanitary Sewer Inverted Siphons and Airline Crossings

Database Management System for Sewer System Planning

Extending GIS Capabilities for Enhanced Sewer System Modeling
A limitation of many sewer system modeling programs is their inability to accept and display graphic data. By the same token, many GIS packages, which handle graphics, aren't...





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