Masonry Sewer Rehab
The city of St. Louis is rehabilitating some of the oldest masonry sewers in the country. The ongoing project includes all major types of sewer rehabilitation, including shotcrete, cast-in-place-pipe,...

Case Study: Design Considerations for the St. James Avenue Sewer Restoration in Boston

The Total System Solution

The Design and Construction of the San Francisco Southwest Ocean Outfall

Deepwater Ocean Outfalls for Sydney Australia

Marine Construction of the Boston Outfall

The South Bay Ocean Outfall

Point Loma Ocean Outfall Extension

Development of Facilities Condition Prediction Models

SOS For Small-Town SSOs
No matter why a small town confronts its sanitary-sewer-overflow problems, solutions are bound by the town's own resources. For two Midwestern towns, hindsight shows that...

A Texas-Sized SSO Solution
Houston is under the gun to control chronic overflows in its sanitary-sewer-collection system--a wet-weather problem that has plagued the city for years. For a problem this massive, the...

Trenchless Relief
During wet weather, stormwater infiltration/inflow into the sewer system increases wastewater flows by 8-12 times the average dry weather flow in several interceptors operated by the Central...

Robotic Rehabilitation of Sewer Infrastructure

Effect of Nonstandard Rainfall Distributions on Stormwater Management Detention Basins
A rural watershed is modeled to determine the effect of varying rainfall patterns on stormwater management detention basins designed for center peaking events. A hydrologic model of the...

Survey of Stormwater Detention State of Practice
A survey of stormwater professionals in the United States and Canada was conducted by the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District in 1991 regarding the current state of practice in the...

Flow Capacity of Rehabilitated Sanitary Sewers

To Microtunnel or Not to Microtunnel? The Construction of the Crown Point Trunk Sewer

Improvement and Re-establishment of Good Hydraulic Conditions in Sewers: The French Experience

Failure of Large Diameter High Density Polyethylene Sewer Pipe a Case in Point

Large Diameter Storm Sewer with Energy Dissipation Structures





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