Deep Tunnel's Twists and Turns-CSO Control in Metro Chicago

Incorporation of Effluent Trading in the City of Millville, NJ Industrial Pretreatment Program

The Data Conversion Experience in New Orleansā€”Development of a Computerized Maintenance Management System

Innovative Technology Combines the Components of a Sewer System to Create Virtual Computer Models

Design Considerations for Multiple Detention Systems

The Frequency of Combined Sewer Overflows During Flood Events in the Receiving Water

Evaluation of the Newton Secant Method in Hydraulic Design Applications

The Successful Design of a Large Diameter Gravity Sewer

Sacramento County Northwest Interceptor: Effective Planning Ensures Project Success and Saves Money

Compensation Grouting
To minimize ground movement while tunneling a sewer 5 m below Toronto's Spadina subway line, engineers used special instrumentation, tunneling control and grouting to limit...

Conducting Large-Scale Sanitary Surveys

Controlling Brine to Improve Reclaimed Water Quality

Finding Least-Cost Alternatives for Controlling Sanitary Sewer Overflows Through Application of STORM and a Genetic Algorithm

Biological Effects of the Build-Up of Contaminants in Sediments in Urban Estuaries

Microtunneling: An Owner's Perspective

A Case Study in Urban Microtunneling the New St. James Avenue Interceptor Project Boston, Massachusetts

Condition Assessment of Sewer Systems

Trenchless Crossings for the MWRA Framingham Extension Relief Sewer Project

Directional Drilling for Small Projects - A Resource for Meeting Schedule, Budget and Environmental Goals

Design and Rehabilitation of an Urban Gravity Interceptor Using Pipebursting in Norfolk, Virginia





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