Extreme Value Analysis of Wastewater Treatment Plant Flows

Deep Tunnel's Twists and Turns-CSO Control in Metro Chicago

Incorporation of Effluent Trading in the City of Millville, NJ Industrial Pretreatment Program

The Data Conversion Experience in New Orleans—Development of a Computerized Maintenance Management System

Innovative Technology Combines the Components of a Sewer System to Create Virtual Computer Models

Design Considerations for Multiple Detention Systems

The Frequency of Combined Sewer Overflows During Flood Events in the Receiving Water

Evaluation of the Newton Secant Method in Hydraulic Design Applications

The Successful Design of a Large Diameter Gravity Sewer

Sacramento County Northwest Interceptor: Effective Planning Ensures Project Success and Saves Money

Bidding Projects with Alternative Pipeline Materials

Diagnosis of Buried Sewers: Tools and Methods, the French Experience

Balancing Environment and Reliability: East Mission Gorge Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project Cast Study

Construction of the East Mission Gorge Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project, San Diego, California

Evaluation of 70-Year-Old Non-Reinforced Concrete Sewers

Construction Challenges for Soft Ground Tunneling

Lessons Learned about Cured-in-Place Pipe During Construction

Pipeline Market—20 Billion Dollars for 1998: Would You Like Some of This Work?

Miami Beach Infiltration/Inflow Reduction Program: A Project That Pays for Itself

An Integrated Strategy for Managing Urban Runoff Pollution in Los Angeles County





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