Bridge to the Future
An arched footbridge under construction in Seoul, South Korea, that is reconnecting the metropolis with a tranquil island, will demonstrate the compressive strength and sleek design potential...

Megaproject Management
By the dredging and landfill project manager for the Port of Los Angeles and Alan E. Alcorn, P.E., an associate vice president of Moffat and Nichol Engineers in Los Angeles. The Pier 400...

New Navigation Channel
Among the facilities needed to accommodate Pier 400 at the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) was a new navigation channel to handle the increased container and liquid bulk traffic that the port...

Twenty-First Century Terminal
The Port of Los Angeles is already the busiest container facility in the United States, and the eighth busiest in the world. In 2000 it handled some 112 million tons (102 million Mg) of...

Gap Analysis for Durability of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite in Civil Infrastructure
Prepared by the Civil Engineering Research Foundation. This report provides the results of a study on what is known and not known about the use of...

Diametral Compression Tests for the Determination of Shotcrete Anisotropic Elastic Constants

How to Use Modern Wet Mix Shotcrete Technology for Single Shell Permanent Tunnel Linings

Durability of Steel Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete with Regard to Corrosion

Behaviour of Early-Age Shotcrete

Physical Method to Increase Shotcrete Early-Age Strength

Early Strength and Physical Properties in Accelerated Shotcrete

Mechanical Properties of Early Age Steel Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete

Workability and Mix-Design Analysis on Dry-Mix Shotcrete

Early Age Properties of Shotcrete

Comparative Evaluation of System Ductility of Mesh and Fibre Reinforced Shotcretes

Making the Most of HPC
Developing high-performance concrete (HPC) was only the first step toward bringing a material with improved durability, strength, constructability, and mechanical properties to the bridge...

Performance Evaluation of Damage and Plasticity Formulations for Concrete

Analysis of Inelastic Behavior and Failure Modes of Confined Concrete by Elasto-Plastic Softening Model

Modeling and Simulation of Concrete Materials

Post-Yield Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Membrane Elements—The Hsu/Zhu Ratios





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