Flow Transitions in Bridge Backwater Analysis

Friction Factor Choice in Hydraulic Simulation Models: Does It Matter?
(no paper) To model water distribution systems using computer hydraulic simulation, a user is required to select a form of head loss-flow relationship for each pipe in the network. The...

French Developments in Reservoir Structures

Variable Property Devices for Structural Control

Hydraulic Conductivity Evaluation of Vertical Barrier Walls

Temporary Structures: Role of the Design Engineer

Reliability and Risk Considerations in Offshore Design and Operations

Mechanisms of Sand Suspending Under Non-Breaking and Breaking Irregular Waves

Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport on Composite (Mixed Sand/Shingle) and Sand Beaches: A Comparison

Grain-Size Influence on Sand Transport Mechanisms

Fractional Threshold of Motion for Mixed Sand Beds and Implications for Sediment Transport Modeling

Cross-Shore Sand Transport and Bed Composition

Spectral Test of Energetic Approach for Suspended Sand Transport in Surf Zone

Effect of Bed Roughness on Net Sediment Transport by Asymmetrical Waves

Analysis of the Roller in Hydraulic Jumps

Sand Transport over a Breaker Bar in the Surf Zone

Strange Kinematics of Sand Bars

Hydraulic Design of a Large-Scale Longshore Current Recirculation System

Suspended Sediment Response to Wave Reflection

Surf Zone and Swash Zone Sediment Dynamics on High Energy Beaches: West Auckland, New Zealand





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