Using Public/Private Partnerships to Enhance the Resource Value of San Francisco Bay Wetlands: The Role of Ports

A Review of Research Programs in Central California Coastal Managed Areas with a Suggestion for Improved Collaboration

Landowner Perspective on Environmental Planning

The Economic Benefits of a Major Urban Beach: A Case Study of Broward County, Florida

Conserving the Marine Resources of the Southern California Bight

Integrated Coastal Management: A Concept in Practice in Central California Through the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Local Issues in California Coastal Zone Planning: Case Studies in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Salinas River Basin, and San Francisco Bay

Educating Industry, Government and the Public About Maintaining a Healthy Ecosystem

Enhancing Education–Partnerships that Work!

Annual Variation in Effects of UV Radiation on Plankton

General Overview of the Coastline in Todos Santos Bay

Where the Tern Meets the Tide: Public Participation in Bay Water Quality Issues for Morro Bay

An Epidemiological Study of Possible Adverse Health Effects of Swimming in Santa Monica Bay

An Integrated Strategy for Managing Urban Runoff Pollution in Los Angeles County

Storm Water Runoff into Santa Monica Bay: Identification, Impact and Dispersion

Stormwater Runoff Effects on Santa Monica Bay: Toxicity, Sediment Quality, and Benthic Community Impacts

Regional Wetlands Planning: A Case Study of Coastal Wetlands Planning in the San Francisco Bay Area & Southern California

Wetland Reference Sites in San Francisco Bay

The Long Term Management Strategy for San Francisco Bay Dredging

Using Geography as a Management Tool: The National Ocean Service San Francisco Bay Project and Pacific Coast Program





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