Mississippi Diversion
The $103-million Davis Pond freshwater diversion project in coastal Louisiana will divert up to 10,650 cfs (300 m³/s) of Mississippi River water to the Barataria Bay Estuary through four...

Modeling the Impacts of Dredged Material Placement in Upper Chesapeake Bay

A Large Domain Convection Diffusion Based Finite Element Transport Model

Application of VIMS HEM-3D to a Macro-Tidal Environment

Topographic and Wind Influences on the Chesapeake Bay Outflow Plume and the Associated Fronts

Typical and Extreme Responses of Chesapeake Bay and Its Coastal Plume to Riverine Forcing

Development of a Long-Term Predictive Model of Water Quality in Tokyo Bay

Numerical Modeling and Field Experiments of Wind-Induced Currents in Enclosed Bay

The Tampa Bay Nowcast–Forecast System

Navigation Study for Matagorda Bay, Texas

Hydrodynamic Modeling of a Sea-Breeze Dominated Shallow Embayment, Baffin Bay, Texas

Application of Quantitative Model: Data Calibration Measures to Assess Model Performance

Demonstration of a Nowcast/Forecast System for Galveston Bay

Development of the High-Resolution, Data-Assimilating Numerical Model of the Monterey Bay

Modeling Residence Times: Eulerian versus Lagrangian

Modeling Hydrodynamic and Sediment Processes in Morro Bay

An Ocean Model Applied to the Chesapeake Bay Plume

Simulation of the Oil Trajectory and Fate on the Diamond Grace Spill in Tokyo Bay

Modeling the Circulation in Penobscot Bay, Maine

Modeling Tidal Circulation in a Barrier-Island Estuary: Apalachicola Bay





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