Fire & Water
Over the years, wildfires have crept out of the wild and into the urban landscape, threatening more lives, property, and infrastructure than ever before, sometimes devastating communities. In Paradise,...

Urban Nature

Innovation At The Heights
Population growth in metropolitan Washington, D.C., has been on an upward trajectory in recent years, and this is especially true for Arlington County, in Northern Virginia. This increase in population...

Proposed ‘Contagion’ Model Predicts Roadway Flooding in Urban Areas

USDA Awards Nearly $900 Million for Rural Water and Wastewater Projects

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, Corvias Form Green Infrastructure Partnership

Metropolitan (New York) Section

American Engineering Testing Welcomes Cody; News from Gannett Fleming; GeoEngineers Expands to Two More Cities; GeoStabilization Recognized for Ethics; Geo-Solutions Announces Organizational Changes; GZA Recognized for Safety Achievements; Hayward Baker Announces Staff Changes; HUESKER Announces Management Changes; Malcolm Drilling Begins Tunneling Project; Schnabel Engineering Announces New Leadership

Sustainable City of the Future

Connecticut Valley Chapter; New York Metropolitan Section Chapter; Pittsburgh Chapter; St. Louis Chapter; Orange County Chapter

A New Approach to Mitigate Subsidence Problems: A New Approach to Mitigate Subsidence Problems
Mexico City has a decades-old problem with severe consequences: its lacustrine zone is subsiding due to pumping of potable water from the main aquifer. The geotechnical team assigned to work on the problem...

Dried Lakes Do Tell Tales: Seismic Soil Amplification in Mexico City
Mexico City is a vibrant, urban metropolis — a living and breathing example of an "old layered city," where past civilizations coexisted with one another. Standing more than 2.2 km above sea level, surrounded...

Geo-Resilience By Soil Improvement: Contrasting the Performance of Two Embankments during a Megathrust Mw 7.8 Earthquake
The west coast of Ecuador forms the eastern side of the Pacific "ring of fire" along the Nazca tectonic plate boundary (Figure 1). The epicenter of the Ecuador earthquake on April 16, 2016 (Mw 7.8), was...

What Lurks Below: The Geotechnical Intrigue of Boston’s Back Bay
In 1858, the great filling of Back Bay began. Completed in about 20 years, it led to nearly 100 city blocks of iconic 4- and 5-story brick rowhouses. In the past 60 years, about 50 high-rise buildings...

The Urban Ocean: The Interaction of Cities with Water, by Alan F. Blumberg and Michael S. Bruno. New York City: Cambridge University Press, 2018

School District, University Partner to Bring Learning to Life
Brett Story, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE, an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Southern Methodist University, has teamed with the Garland Independent School District and...

Urban Areas Show Progress in Reducing Nutrient Loads to U.S. Coastal Waters, Study Says

Suburban Remix: Creating the Next Generation of Urban Places, Edited by Jason Beske and David Dixon. Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 2018

Urban Jungle

Dear Founder: Letters of Advice for Anyone Who Leads, Manages, or Wants to Start a Business, By Maynard Webb. New York City: St. Martin’s Press, 2018





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