Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Tidal Circulation and Salinity Transport in James River Estuary
Tidal circulation and salinity transport in the James River and Hampton Roads estuarine system has been simulated using a three-dimensional curvilinear-grid hydrodynamic model, CH3D, developed...

Computer Simulation of Weeks Bay, Alabama
Results of a two-dimensional, depth averaged (WIFM) mathematical model for Weeks Bay, Alabama under equatorial tide conditions are presented. Comparisons of model predicted hydrodynamic...

Multi-Dimensional Modeling of Hydrodynamics and Salinity in San Francisco Bay
This paper presents a modeling study of salt intrusion into San Francisco Bay that used a three dimensional finite element model capable of different approximation levels in different...

The Colorado River Salinity Program—An Overall Perspective
Economic losses resulting from increases in salinity in the Colorado River system were estimated to be $311 million annually in 1986. As a result of protests by Mexico to the United States...

Blending Saline and Non-Saline Waters Reduces Water Usable for Crop Production
The purpose of this paper is to provide theoretical and conceptual evidence to show that water quality protection programs which dispose of agricultural drainage waters through blending...

Topographic and Geostrophic Influences on the Salinity Distribution in Estuaries

Numerical Experiments on Stratified Fluids Subject to Heating

An Advectively Sustained Thermocline on the Agulhas Bank

Observations of Temperature and Salinity Ramps in the Seasonal Thermocline

Vertical Mixing in Thermohaline System

The USDA Colorado River Salinity Control Program
Approximately 37 percent of the salt contribution in the Colorado River can be attributed to irrigation activities in the river basin. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),...

Optimization of Freshwater Inflow to Estuaries
This paper presents a methodology that can be used for determining the optimal freshwater inflows into bays and estuaries for the purpose of balancing freshwater demands with the harvest...

Groundwater Seepage into the Indian River Lagoon

State/Federal Conflict Resolution: Success Stories on the Colorado River

Prediction of Salinity Intrusion in Lower Meghna

Stochastic Modeling of Water Quality in the San Joaquin River, California, Using Monte Carlo Simulation

Managing Nitrates, Salinas Valley, California

Salinity Intrusion Studies in the Estuaries of Malabar Coast, India

Status of the Spiny Lobster (Crustacea: Palinuridae) Stocks Off Northeast Brazil in Relation to Fishing Effort and Environmental Conditions
Conditions for the development of relatively abundant populations of spiny lobsters of genus Panulirus, mainly P. argus and P. laevicauda, off Northeast Brazil are consistent with hydrologically...

Fouling and Wood-Boring Communities Distribution on the Coast of Rio De Janeiro
The paper reports on a study of the dynamics of fouling communities and the distribution of wood-boring organisms along the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which was motivated by the...





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