Description of an Experimental Study on Water and Salt Transport Within Irrigation Bays

Observations of Turbulent Mixing and Shear in a Partially Stratified Estuary

Incorporating a New Salinity-Outflow Algorithm into an Operations Model for the Central Valley, California

Modeling Changing Freshwater Delivery to Apalachicola Bay, FL

Application of Artificial Neural Networks to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Optimum On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency for Sustainable Agriculture
In irrigated agriculture, on-farm irrigation efficiency and salinity build-up in the crop root zone are interrelated. Sustainability of soil productivity and crop production depends on...

Salinity and Hydraulic Issues at a Constructed Wetlands
A constructed wetlands at Boulder City, Nevada was designed to use effluent pumped from the City's wastewater treatment plant. The design was complicated by the highly permeable...

Emerging Concepts for Management of Salinity and Drainage in Irrigated Regions
The purpose of this paper is to very briefly highlight some physical and design concepts important to management of salinity and drainage in irrigated regions in an environmentally sensitive...

Groundwater Flow Modelling at the Olkiluoto Site, Finland

Modeling the Impact of Uncertainty in Spatial Variability of Estuarine Boundary Conditions
Multi-dimensional numerical estuarine models that consider baroclinic forcing require the specification of both the water surface and the water density (salinity and temperature) at the...

Eastern San Joaquin County Groundwater Management
An aquifer system of significant volume is located in Eastern San Joaquin County (ESJC), part of California's Central Valley. The industry in that region is primarily agriculture,...

Emulation of DWRDSM using Artificial Neural Networks and Estimation of Sacramento River Flow from Salinity
Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are widely used and well-suited for multiple non-linear regression. Department of Water Resources Delta Simulation Model (DWRDSM) is a computer model...

Turbulence Measurements in Saline Gravity Current Fronts

Long-term Consequences of Recycling Drainage Water for Irrigation
Several long.term field studies (i.e. 6 yrs or more) conducted by the USDA/ARS and the University of California have demonstrated that saline drainage water (ECw...

Modeling the Impact of Sea Level Rise in Delaware Bay
A three-dimensional model of the Delaware Bay has been employed to provide insight on the impact of a 1.0 ft (0.304 in) sea level rise on salinity conditions in Delaware Bay. Model results...

Salt Transport Characteristics of Pak Phanang Estuary

Comparison of Static and Dynamic Test Results for Driven Steel Pipe Piles in Highly Saline Permafrost

Modeling Combined Stresses on Aquatic Ecosystems
A mechanistic ecosystem response model is being developed by incorporating exposure/response relationships for selected natural and anthropogenic stresses into an existing hydrodynamic...

Geoenvironmental Problems in Chile

Salinity Management Modeling





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