Seawater Intrusion in Salinas Valley, California
The rate of intrusion has been estimated to be about 19,000 acre-feet per year. If no action is taken to halt the intrusion, it is projected that in the year 2000 there will be as much...

Recovery of Freshwater Stored in Saline Aquifers in Peninsular Florida
Subsurface freshwater storage has been operationally tested at seven sites in central and south Florida. Injection was into a high chloride water aquifer at six sites, and into a high...

Strength and Deformation Behavior of Frozen Saline Sand and Gravel
Construction of offshore oil and gas exploration and production structures often considers the use of either sand or gravel fill materials. Fill soils exposed to the environment will progressively...

Shear Strength in the Zone of Freezing in Saline Soils
The design of artificial islands and other geotechnical structures to support arctic offshore petroleum resource development requires considerable knowledge of the strength of frozen saline...

Research Challenges in Frozen Ground Pile Design
A fairly recent pile design analysis is reviewed. The influence of such factors as temperature, salinity, loading, etc. on frozen ground pile design is pointed out. Since many facets of...

Desalination of an Impounded Estuary
The Sungei Seletar, an arm of a saline tidal estuary surrounding the Island Republic of Singapore, has been dammed for conversion to a freshwater reservoir. Calculations for predicting...

Three-Dimensional Simulation of Flow, Salinity, Sediment, and Radionuclide Movements in the Hudson River Estuary
The three-dimensional, finite difference model FLESCOT was applied to a 106-km reach of the Hudson River estuary in New York between Chelsea and the mouth of the river. It predicted the...

Drain Maintenance in the Imperial Valley
Imperial Valley, located in the southeast corner of California is one of the most intensely irrigated areas in the world. Since Colorado River salinity is currently about 800 mg/l (1....

The Suwannee River Estuary: Cohesive Sedimentation
Cohesive sediment dynamics as effected by salinity intrusion are described for the Suwannee River Estuary, a large estuary flowing over the very shallow limestone shelf of Florida's...

Impact of Irrigation on Groundwater Quality in Maricopa County

Practical Prospects for High Salinity Irrigation

Augmentation of Groundwater Resources by Effluents Injection into Saline Aquifers

Entrainment in a Thermohaline Double-Diffusive System

Two-dimensional Transient Behavior of Estuarine Salinity

Assessing Waterlogging Controls I: Hydrologic Model

Groundwater Studies in New Mexico and Arizona

Groundwater Quality in Six Western States

Chemical Reactions within the Root Zone

Leaching Requirements for Managing Salinity

Salt Problems from Increased Irrigation Efficiency





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