VMS Control in Aalborg

VARIA - Variable Message Sign Control Based on OD-Estimation in a Motorway Network

Traffic Control System for Metropolitan Areas Based on Radio Links between Vehicles and Infrastructure

Package System for Supporting Decisions in a County Area

LP Type Dynamic On-Ramp Traffic Control Model for Urban Expressway

DRACULA - Microscopic, Day-to-Day Dynamic Modelling of Traffic Assignment and Simulation

The Rapid Simulation of a Signalised Road Network

The Gaudi-Marseille Experiment: An Example of a Multiservice Remote Payment System

Development of a Decentralized Traffic Control System Based on Logic Programming

BALANCE - A Method for Traffic Adaptive Signal Control Field Trial and Simulation Studies

Estimation of Turning Movement Proportions from Partial Sets of Traffic Counts at Intersections

Vision Technique for Platoon Driving

REGIT Project: An Advanced Transportation Management System for the City of Terni

PRIMAVERA: A Best Practice Manual for Innovative UTC Schemes

PRIMAVERA: Integrated ATT Strategies for Urban Arterials

Risk Analysis for Urban Stormwater Quality Management

VOC Inventory at New York City Wastewater Treatment Plants
Although the New York State Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (CAAA) implementation plan is not yet in place, the Citys Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is taking a proactive...

Advanced Seawater Desalination Plant
A project that will demonstrate an enhanced seawater desalination process that operates in combination with upgraded existing coastal power plants to meet part of the projected water needs...

Groundwater Monitoring For a Tunneling Project
The Groundwater Monitoring and Management Plan, developed for the proposed tunnel reaches between Devil Canyon and City Creek, monitors and manages selected water resource features within...

The Secondary Inlet of the Eastside Pipeline Project
The subject of this paper is a design feature included in the current capital improvement program of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. This feature, the Secondary...





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