Post War Travel Trends in the Salt Lake Urban Area

City of Palm Desert Golf Cart Transportation Program

Database Design for the Public Transit Facilities Management System (PTMS)

A Study of Building Deterioration

Rainwater Collection and Utilization as a Potential Resource for Urban Areas

Infiltration of Urban Stormwater into Soils as an Integral Part of the Urban Drainage System

Evaporation at the Surface of Permeable Pavement and Its Impacts on the Urban Thermal Environment

Design of Natural Urban Stream Systems Using Regime Equations

On the Relation Between Urban Wastewater Management Needs and Receiving Water Objectives

The 1994 Bay-Delta Accord: An Urban Water Supplier's Perspective

Ten Years After the L'Ambiance Plaza Collapse—A Panel Discussion

Construction of Deep Foundations in the Taipei Metropolitan Area

The Infiltration of Rainwater Through Reservoir Structures

Theoretical Analysis of Air-Entrained Flow in Vertical Drop Shafts of the Channel in Urban Drainage System

The Impact of Congestion on New York City Bus Service

The Property Insurance Plans: Insurers of Last Resort

Design and Rehabilitation of an Urban Gravity Interceptor Using Pipebursting in Norfolk, Virginia

Moment Frame Connection Development and Testing for the City of Hope National Medical Center

Watershed Development Effects in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions

Integrating Flood Control and Recreation in Denver Area Projects





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